Friday, February 3, 2023

Presidential Citation 2023: Family Tree DNA


The Presidential Citation is given in recognition of outstanding contributions by a non-UGA member to UGA’s projects and/or objectives. This year, the Presidential Citation is presented to Family Tree DNA.

Family Tree DNA was founded in the year 2000 and has pioneered the field of genetic genealogy. As leaders in the industry, they provide advanced technology for users to gain further insight into their family history. They were the first direct-to-consumer genetic genealogy company, taking DNA testing for ancestry out of academia and into mainstream culture.

Family Tree DNA continues to establish standards and create new milestones in the rapidly growing field of genetic genealogy. They are the only company to offer all three types of genetic tests – autosomal, mitochondrial, and Y-DNA, and they have over 11,000 group projects run by volunteers who focus on a wide range of genealogical, geographical, and haplogroup areas of research. Family Tree DNA believes in an informed community and in providing genealogists with opportunities to understand DNA testing and how it can benefit them.

The mission of UGA is to provide genealogical information, sources, and education through personal instruction and published media on family history topics, while promoting high standards and ethical practices. As part of furthering its mission, UGA sponsors a special interest group called UGA DNA. Family Tree DNA is a long-time supporter of UGA DNA, the Utah Genealogical Association, and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. We are grateful for all that Family Tree DNA does to support UGA and promote our goal to educate people about ways to use DNA as a tool in genealogical research.