Monday, February 7, 2022

Position Opening: Editor for Crossroads Quarterly Journal

The Utah Genealogical Association is seeking an editor for its quarterly journal, Crossroads. The editor will supervise production of Crossroads and solicit, gather, and curate articles, book reviews, and other pertinent content for publication four times a year. They will work in conjunction with a volunteer committee and UGA board member.

The current editor is retiring after the Summer 2022 issue, so the new editor will oversee the Fall 2022 issue and beyond. The new editor will work with the current editor as soon as appointed to learn from and assist her, as well as prepare content for the Fall 2022 issue.

Skills needed:
- Familiar with and involved in the family history and genealogical community
- Proficient writer and editor
- Good networking and interpersonal skills
- Works well in a team and individually
- Self-motivated
- Goal oriented and organized
- Punctual; able to keep deadlines
- Strong leadership skills; able to delegate
- Passionate about genealogy, family history methodology, and giving people the opportunity to write and publish
- Able to plan a year in advance

$1,000 per quarterly issue.

What is Crossroads?
Crossroads is UGA's genealogical journal, published quarterly. Crossroads is, as its title suggests, a converging ground for the academic and for the up and coming, for traditional, tried and true methods and the innovative ideas inherent in a field perpetually progressing and expanding. It is a place for both the professional and the beginner and aims to support and inspire its readers in our genealogical efforts.

Crossroads is a place to explore questions like...
- Why family history and genealogy? Why is it amazing, addictive, wholesome, and important?
- How do we do family history and genealogy? How do YOU do genealogy?
- How does family history apply to our daily, everyday lives? (How is it made relatable, applicable, and accessible to anyone with the desire to engage in family history?)
- How do we interest and involve children in family history work?

How to Apply
To apply, please send a resume with cover letter to and add “Subject: Crossroads Editor” to the subject line. Deadline for applications is February 20, 2022.