Sunday, October 31, 2021

Changes Announced in UGA Leadership


Changes Announced in UGA Leadership

Due to family issues, our UGA president, Kelly Summers, AG, has found the need to step down from her role as president. We as a UGA Board are deeply grateful for Kelly's leadership and tireless efforts to make UGA a world-class genealogy association. She will be sorely missed, but she is leaving UGA in a strong and vibrant position because of her efforts. Thank you Kelly! 

Thanks also to Elizabeth Miller, who has been faithfully serving as UGA's first vice president. Liz is a true workhorse and is always willing to step in and help with anything UGA needs. Although she has stepped down as first vice president, she will remain on the UGA Board (fortunately!).

At a recent board meeting, the following leadership was voted in place: Tristan L. Tolman, AG, president; Julia A. Anderson, AG, first vice president; and Tanner B. Tolman, AG, second vice president. Welcome to these new leaders! Here is a brief bio of each one so you can get to know them:

Tristan L. Tolman, AG is a professional genealogist, author, editor, and publisher. She has a bachelor's degree in Family History and Genealogy from Brigham Young University and is accredited in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic States through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen). She loves working with clients and specializes in U.S. genealogical research, writing personal and family histories, and preparing genealogical information for publication. She is the lead genealogist for the award-winning television series, Relative Race.

Julia A. Anderson, AG, is an Accredited Genealogist® in the United States Gulf South Region. She is the owner and managing member of Anderson Genealogical Research, LLC; a Genealogy Program Instructor for Salt Lake Community College; and a full-time Research Specialist at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Utah Genealogical Association and is a member of the test digitization committee for ICAPGen.

Tanner B. Tolman, AG, became an Accredited Genealogist® in the Denmark region in 2018 and later than year was hired by FamilySearch as a Nordic Research Consultant. He is a 2017 graduate of the BYU Family History/Genealogy program. Tanner currently serves on the UGA Board and was recently appointed as chairperson of UGA DNA.