Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Summit of Excellence: Tune into Basecamp Day for Free!


For those with an itch to learn genealogy but hesitate to take the deep plunge into genealogical

research, Basecamp Day is designed just for you. On this day before the Summit of Excellence,

you’ll receive tempered instruction in those foundational classes that build confidence and will

set you on a course for success—all for free.

Classes on this day are designed to help you taste early success. Soon you’ll be ascending the

heights of joy that come by connecting with ancestors.

Register for Basecamp Day at the following link: 


Note: If this is your first time attending a UGA sponsored conference, you will need to create a free UGA registration account to register for the event.

Basecamp Day Schedule

Wednesday September 14, 2022

9 AM              Research 101: Tools and Techniques for Beginning Genealogist
                        Alice Childs, AG

10:30 AM       Census 101: Basics, Benefits and Cautions 
                        Kathryn Grant

1 PM              Need to Unlock Genealogy Doors? Effective Search and Browsing could be the Key
                        Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, MA

2:30 PM         Where in the World? How to Tackle New Research Locations
                        Cheri Hudson Passey

3:45 PM         Avoiding the Rabbit Hole: How to Stay Focused in Family History Research
                       Julia A. Anderson, MA, AG