Thursday, September 9, 2021

Summit of Excellence Speaker Highlight: Paul Woodbury

Join the witty Paul Woodbury as he explains the advantages and power of DNA testing to break down research brick walls such as adoption, unknown parentage, and misattributed parentage.

Paul will present the following at the Summit of Excellence held virtually, September 15-18, 2021:

DNA Testing Plans
Even after taking a DNA test, have you struggled to make progress on a persistent brick wall? Consider inviting others to test to help you answer your research questions. Learn how to leverage multiple types of DNA tests, prioritize DNA testing candidates, and harness the power of DNA to break down your research challenges. Full session description here.

Into the Unknown: Methodologies for Adoption, Unknown Parentage, and Misattributed Parentage
Genetic genealogy methodologies are ideal not only for overcoming challenging historic brick walls but also for overcoming more recent obstacles in your family history. In this session, learn about some of the key methodologies, approaches, and considerations for exploring cases of adoption, unknown parentage, and misattributed parentage. Full session description here.

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The 2021 UGA Summit of Excellence celebrates UGA's 50th year. This exciting virtual conference, held September 15-18, 2021, is a four-day event with multiple tracks offering a premier educational opportunity at an extremely reasonable price. Each track features a different record set or research area such as legal records, methodology, technology, or DNA. 

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