Friday, April 30, 2021


Spotlight: Crossroads for Kids

 Interview with Elise Godfrey, UGA Board Member and Editor of Crossroads for Kids


Q: Why is there a Crossroads for Kids section in UGA's Crossroads journal?

A: While family history and genealogy research are frequently relegated to older generations, at UGA we understand the joy that can be found in identifying and exploring our family connections and that this can be found at any age! We also recognize that our children will be the ones to carry on the research of our family lines and that inviting them to engage with their family history while in their youth encourages them to continue that tradition. We hope the activities, practices, and stories in Crossroads for Kids will foster a familiarity and love for family history that will continue throughout their lives.


Q: What age range is Crossroads for Kids designed for?

A: The various activities in Crossroads for Kids are geared towards kids and teens age 3-14, but most of them can be adapted to any age!


Q: What types of activities are in Crossroads for Kids?

A: All our activities are meant to educate and inspire an interest in genealogy and family history work! Some activities, like word searches and crossword puzzles, are meant to familiarize children with helpful family history ideas and terminology. Others give children a look into the methodology of family history research and various ways to navigate the branches of our family trees, referencing topics like finding evidence, using record groups, DNA, etc.


Q: How are UGA members benefiting from Crossroads for Kids?

A: Trying to share the nuances and our love of family history can be daunting, particularly when trying to share with children. Crossroads for Kids is designed to deliver easy, actionable, and fun family history ideas and activities to UGA members to share with the children in their lives. Many members use them as quality time activities with their children and grandchildren. Some members use the activities for family reunions or family nights. Regardless of the individual circumstances, members are excited to have quick, accessible ways to introduce the youth in their lives to family history work!  


Q: When does Crossroads journal come out?

A: Crossroads is a quarterly journal, with an issue published every Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.


Q: Where can I find each month's Crossroads for Kids? Where can I access past editions?

A: Crossroads for Kids is a regular section of Crossroads journal. Current UGA members receive a printed Crossroads journal by mail each quarter. (Student memberships receive a digital edition only.) Current and past issues of Crossroads are available digitally on our website,


Elise Godfrey currently serves as a UGA Board Member and editor of Crossroads for Kids. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English and Family History. Her areas of professional research primarily focus on New England and Dutch genealogy. As a descendent of avid genealogists herself, Elise is passionate about sharing the joy of family history and genealogy with younger generations. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and three children.