Monday, June 18, 2018

SLIG 2019 Course Highlight: Advanced Southern Research and Sources

Coordinator & Instructor: J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA

Additional Instructors

  • Deborah A. Abbott, PhD
  • Kelvin L. Meyers
  • Anne Gillespie Mitchell
  • Ari Wilkins

This course will address more advanced methods in Southern research and look at lesser-known records and resources that can aid in tracing Southern families. Accessing manuscript collections, understanding transportation routes and records, searching occupational records, and locating court and estate records (and the laws that underpin them) will be the major concepts covered. Methods for compiling and documenting Southern families will also be discussed. Problem-solving activities throughout the week will be used to reinforce these methodologies.

Level: Advanced
Assumes students has had a good deal of experience with Southern research or has previously taken Mark Lowe's course "A Swing Across the South" at SLIG.

Registration: Registration opens Saturday, 7 July 2018. For more detailed information please visit

Friday, June 15, 2018

SLIG 2019 Course Highlight: Exploring Native American Research


  • Rick Fogarty
  • Billie Stone Fogarty, MEd
  • Paul K. Graham, CG, AG
  • Melissa Johnson, CG
  • Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA

Course Description: Many people have stories of Native American ancestors in their family history but do not know where to begin breaking down these brick walls. This course is designed for both the genealogist trying to get started and those who want to learn how to assist others in searching for Native American roots. Over the last several years, digitization of Indian records and advances in DNA testing has helped open new areas of tribal research. This course will provide instruction on what to look for in identifying a potential native ancestor, give practical guidance through the research process, and demonstrate how to analyze evidence for proof. A research project will be assigned to help attendees use the techniques they have learned in the course. 

Level of Instruction: Intermediate

Registration: Registration opens Saturday, 7 July 2018. For more detailed information please visit

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

SLIG 2019 Course Highlight: Establishing Genealogical Proof with DNA

This popular hands-on course returns for a second year, with FamilyTreeDNA again sponsoring the cost of additional lab assistants, color copies, laminated charts, and more.  A small additional tuition fee will cover two new features this year:  an introductory webinar held several months prior to the course to walk students through the process of downloading and preparing software, so time in the course can be focused on research, and an extra evening lecture by Blaine Bettinger.

  • Karen Stanbary, MA, LCSW CG
  • Blaine Bettinger, 
  • Patricia L. Hobbs, CG
  • Melissa Johnson, CG
  • Michael D. Lacopo, DVM
  • Kimberly Powell
  • Paul Woodbury, BS
  • Paula Williams
This course is designed for genealogists who are familiar with traditional genealogical research strategies and are interested in learning how to incorporate DNA test results into relationship proofs. This course will cover Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and autosomal DNA testing, analysis, correlation and interpretation. Examples will incorporate the three major testing companies and many tools available for analysis and correlation. Hands-on exercises and case studies will be used to demonstrate how DNA analysis can confirm and expand a pedigree. The emphasis is on the use of DNA test results to solve genealogical brick wall problems using the Genealogical Proof Standard. Participants will leave the course with atDNA analysis software installed with their own data and the skills needed for continuing analysis.
Level of Instruction: Intermediate

Suggested Requirements:
Anticipated Target Audience: those well-versed in traditional genealogical research and now wish to add DNA information to confirm and advance their pedigrees and those who wish to use DNA information to blast through genealogical brick walls.

Suggested Prerequisites:
Participants will derive the most benefit if they have tested autosomal DNA with at least two of the major testing companies: 23andMe, FTDNA, AncestryDNA. We expect that the participant has at least one test uploaded to GEDmatch. Additionally, it would be most helpful if the participants have tested at least one person's mtDNA (full-sequence) and one person's Y-DNA (minimum 37 markers). While specific previous DNA institute courses are not required, we recommend the participants work through the exercises in Genetic Genealogy in Practice and study the answers prior to the institute. The focus will be on problem-solving using DNA test results. We will not cover beginning DNA topics, including inheritance patterns. Participants will need a fully functional laptop (not a chromebook, nor tablet) and the ability to use the operating system and work through internet searches without instruction. This is a fast-paced course. There will not be time to assist participants with technical computer issues.

Registration: Registration opens Saturday, 7 July 2018. For more detailed information please visit