Sunday, May 16, 2021

Summit of Excellence Track Highlight: Methodology

Challenged in solving a genealogical research question? It's all about methodology.

This track features some of the genealogical community's most in-demand methodology subjects presented by those who have taken their methodology skills to the level of fine art.

Track Presentations

The following sessions run on Thursday, September 16th:

Finding Ancestral Origins by Using Neighborhood Research with Melinda Daffin Henningfield, CG: The records that answer questions about an ancestor are sometimes only found by researching his relatives, friends, neighbors, associates, or enemies.

Finding Descendants in Your Family Tree with Diane Henriks: This presentation shows the process of fanning out to find descendants and living people in your family tree, which can also help break down brick walls.

Discovering Your Immigrant's Origins: Exhausting Every Resource with Rich Venezia: Pin down your elusive immigrant ancestor's place of origin using some well-known – and less-known – record sets, ideas, and techniques.

Analyzing and Correlating Documents: Essential Skills for Genealogists with Angela Packer McGhie, CG, FUGA: When there is little information to compare, or inconsistencies to resolve, the analysis and correlation process is essential to accurately identifying our ancestors.

Is My Brick Wall Really Record Loss? with Kelvin L. Meyers: Sometimes that brick-wall problem is due to record loss in the area where our ancestor resided. In many cases it's possible to overcome the problem. 

A full description of each presentation and links to presenter biographies may be found here

Join Us in September!

The 2021 UGA Summit of Excellence celebrates UGA's 50th year. This exciting virtual conference, held September 15-18, 2021, is a four-day event with multiple tracks offering a premier educational opportunity at an extremely reasonable price. Each track features a different record set or research area such as legal records, methodology, technology, or DNA. 

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