Sunday, January 6, 2019

SLIG Travel Information

With January here, thoughts are turning to the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, which begins Sunday, January 13th.

As you are getting ready to travel, don't forget to check SLIG's website for answers to your travel questions:

Another consideration is -- what to wear? Currently, the weather for Salt Lake City next Sunday is predicted to be in the high 30s with no precipitation. However, as you probably know if you have attended genealogical events in the past, the inside weather can always vary according to your preference ... do you run hot or cold?

What does this mean for attendees? Wear layers! This will ensure that you are comfortable in the room, no matter what the temperature. 

Don't panic if you forget an additional sweater. You can always buy a SLIG sweatshirt in SLIG Central to keep yourselves warm!

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