Friday, November 30, 2018

SLIG and SLIG Academy Countdown Checklist

We are counting down to SLIG and SLIG Academy  – and the countdown clock seems to move more rapidly during the holidays for some reason!

Here is a list of action items; please 'check it twice' to make sure you are ready by each deadline noted:

  1. Special Events RSVP and Guest Tickets: Please register for special events - commemorative event, closing dinner - by Dec 13th if you haven't already.
    • We just updated the system to make it easier to request special meals. If you don't need one, please select "menu as published." If you do but already registered for special events, the registration team will be in touch in the next couple of weeks via email.
    • Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to add special events to your existing reservation as well as how to view selections already made.
    • Email the registrar to modify special event selections already made.
  2. Tech Day and Optional Tours: If you plan to attend SLIG Tech Day (Saturday, Jan 19th) or take one of the optional city tours (Sunday, January 20th) and haven't already signed up, please do so as quickly as possible to assure a reserved seat in the class, workshop, or tour of your choice.
    • While there is no "deadline", space is limited; and unsold seats will be made available to UGA members not attending SLIG on December 15th.
    • Use the separate form on the SLIG Registration page. 
  3. Badge Name, etc. Please review/edit your personal information – name badge, certificate name, city/state/country – by January 2nd (now is even better). We only merge the information provided; we won't be correcting it.
    • Make sure you check for spelling, completeness, and use upper/lower case characters in all proper names except state codes which should be two uppercase letters.
    • Detailed instructions here.
  4. Lodging: 
    • If you need to modify your lodging reservation, please email Although we have now transferred data to the hotel database, the hotel is unable to access it to make modifications or send confirmations until after the cancellation date. The good news is that we will now be able to adjust reservations more quickly.
    • If you need to cancel your lodging reservation, please do so immediately rather than wait until the Dec 13th deadline so we can replace your reservation with someone from a waitlist at the group rate if at all possible.
    • Last, but not least: please remember that cancellations made after Dec 13th are not eligible for a deposit refund.
  5. Cancellation Deadline: We are always sad to see these come in, but we know life sometimes changes when we are busy making other plans. This is a gentle reminder that tomorrow – Friday, 11/30, 11:59 pm Mountain Time – is the cancellation deadline. No refunds are available after that date, but you will receive the electronic and print syllabus.
Need help by phone?  Our committee lives all over the United States, from the east coast to west. Most are available by email or social media. But for phone assistance, please call 801-259-4172 after 9:00 am and before 5:00 pm in the time zone noted:
  • SLIG Registrar, extension 2: Pacific Time
  • SLIG Director, extension 3: Mountain Time
  • UGA Administrator (finance, membership), extension 1: Mountain Time
Items to watch for:
  • You may receive a letter from your course coordinator (or forwarded from them through this system) if you have homework or other things which you need to prepare.
  • We will send additional information in a few weeks about dining and transportation and such.
We look forward to seeing you in January!

Peg Ivanyo, Director

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