Monday, May 25, 2015

Class Highlight: Research in the South with J. Mark Lowe

Join in for a swing across the South! Take time to learn some specific research strategies, focus on finding useful records, and apply them toward answering questions.  This course will require developing a plan to answer questions and working together toward finding the answers. 

Southern research requires a careful understanding of how records were created, and how they have been maintained since their creation.  Consideration of lost or missing records will also be included.  The approach this year will be more active, with more time spent looking at records. The goal each day will start with a developed plan, leading to wise record choices, continuing with the analysis of information, followed with properly cited discoveries, ending with a review of evidence and a summary of what was learned, while leaving a next step for tomorrow.    

You will definitely have some "mull & ponder" time, while discovering answers online and through traditional sources.  There will be time to learn about basic records from AL, GA, KY, LA, MD, MO, MS, NC, SC, VA and even TN. 

Ancestry family historian and SLIG participant Lisa Elzey said, “My first class at SLIG was Mark Lowe's Research in the South. I never knew what I didn't know! I soaked in every minute of this class and learned so much, including that farmers are NOT boring! Who knew dirt could tell you so much about your family history story? Since then, I have often told myself many times when frustrated with a research problem, to "mull and ponder" my way through it. The class was profoundly educational and entertaining throughout. I highly recommend this class at SLIG!"

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