Thursday, May 21, 2015

Class Highlight: Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum with Angela Packer McGhie

If you learn by doing, this hands-on, case study based class is an opportunity to put your research skills to the test! Participants work on five complex genealogical research problems—a new one each day, then gather to discuss what was found.

The objective is to give students experience in conducting research on complex problems, analyzing and correlating evidence, and researching conclusions. Participants will work individually on each of the cases then gather to discuss their progress with fellow classmates and that day’s expert instructor.

The case studies are varied, offering students the opportunity to stretch their minds and skills in directions the research they are used to
may not normally take them. The ensuing discussion about sources used, strategies implemented, and difficulties encountered will challenge your thinking and broaden your perspective.

Mind Maps for Genealogy author and frequent SLIG participant Ron Arons said, “SLIG was fantastic! The Advanced Practicum challenged me beyond my expectations and introduced me to areas and record sets to which I had not previously been exposed. Probably the best aspect of the practicum was seeing how other participants used completely different approaches to solve the same problems. Enlightening, for sure.

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