Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cedar City Chapter Visit.--Pictures

I have a few more pictures of our new Cedar City Utah Chapter meeting last weekend for you.
We met Friday night at the Family History Center. We were so impressed with how well run the center is. Here at the meeting we have, left to right: Julia Corry, Chapter President, Catherine Sorensen FHC director, and Ruth Scovill.
Then Saturday morning we met at the Sherratt Library on the SUU campus for a tour of their Special Collections library.

Left to Right back: Catherine Sorensen, Sandie Nagy, LaKay Weber, Julia Crates, Julia Corry, Sary Bitsoie, Bottom Row, Christy Fillerup, Janet Hovorka, Pam Chatfield.

Janet Seegmiller took us on a tour of the beautiful Special Collections library. She is a wealth of knowledge about the area, having written the book A History of Iron County: Community Above Self, and having been an archivist here at the library for many years. We were so lucky to be able listen as she shared her knowledge about the area and about the library.

LaKay Weber is here with the picture of one of her ancestors that is on display in the library. She is the current curator for the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum in Cedar City, and was able to see the Iron Company Register that her mother had donated to special collections.

Janet introduced us to all the oral histories and other collections in the back room. We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much to Janet and to Julia and her chapter for hosting such a wonderful event. We look forward to many more in the future.


  1. This was a fun day. I'm so glad that we visited the Special Collections at the Sherratt Library. It changed my life. I am now volunteering there.

  2. Ruth, that is wonderful! Write an article for the blog when you get a minute. Everyone would love to hear about your experience. It was a pleasure to spend the day with all of you.