Friday, June 12, 2020

First of all: Respect

If there is one thing we could accurately state about 2020, it would be that it is a year of change and challenge. Our hearts go out to those affected by the recent incidents that sadly proclaim our ongoing challenges with equity and respect in America. 

Such difficult times make the Coronavirus hurdles seem minimal in comparison. For the pandemic, there will eventually be a vaccine. For lack of human kindness and understanding, failure to listen and understand? The uphill battle is more monumental. 

As we prepare to open registration for fall virtual courses in July and SLIG/Academy courses in August, please be reminded that in order to create a SLIG registration account, each individual must – or did – agree to adhere to the SLIG Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.*

At the top of the list is a pre-requisite for any human interaction: RESPECT
Respect: SLIG serves, contracts with, and interacts with a diverse community, and it has always been our policy to provide a learning environment that is free of conflict, intimidation, and discrimination. All who participate in SLIG—including students, faculty, committee members, and vendors—must be treated with dignity and respect. SLIG has delineated this policy in writing, because even a single, isolated occurrence is unacceptable. 
SLIG will not tolerate discrimination or disrespect of any kind on the basis of economic status, sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, illness or ability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, religion, creed, or political affiliation or opinion. All are encouraged to use these same guidelines to temper the right to freedom of expression with common sense and courtesy. 
SLIG is committed to fostering a neutral, academic environment in which students can learn and grow. Therefore comments and actions that contravene the SLIG anti-discrimination policy should be reported to the office of the Director, and will be addressed. The penalty for a violation could include dismissal from an event or program, as well as forfeiture of unused tuition if appropriate.*

Whether you plan to attend a virtual course this fall, or SLIG or Academy next year, please sign up with this important foundational goal in mind.

To read this policy in its entirety, please visit this page: Salt Lake Insitute of Genealogy: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

*Update: the wording of this code was recently revised for joint use by UGA's virtual conference, the Summit of Excellence, and SLIG, which will share a registration system this year. The online version now reflects that change.