Saturday, September 7, 2019

Get Insider Information about Building a Genealogy Business - A Discussion with Liz

Are you a genealogy business owner, or considering becoming one? Building and Nurturing a Successful Genealogy Business, coordinated by Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG  may be the right course for you. We spoke with Liz Miller, previous participant in the course, for her perspective.

Why might you want to take the course? 
Liz she took the course because she wanted insider information - someone with experience and expertise to help her realistically explore the idea of starting a business.

Who should take the course?
This course is for anyone who is thinking about opening a genealogy business or interested in improving their existing business. Liz says you should take this course if:
  • you need a temporary business coach; 
  • you are exploring the possibility, or are ready to transition from hobbyist to professional genealogist; 
  • you want to know what it takes to start and build a successful business; 
  • you want to avoid costly mistakes and “learning the hard way”
What is the course like?
Building and Nurturing a Successful Genealogy Business is a hands-on course with innovative learning opportunities designed by experienced genealogists, including Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, Angela Packer McGhie, and Teresa Steinkamp McMillin. With a small class size, participants experience a comfortable atmosphere as they discuss their questions with peers and instructors. Liz said, "I really liked the small class size and the novel approaches Jeanne and Teresa took when teaching the course material—it was truly a “hands on” experience. Jeanne and Teresa were open about their successes and failures concerning their entrepreneurial endeavors; they went out of their way to create a teaching/learning environment where students quickly felt at ease."

What will you come away with? 
Participants in Building and Nurturing a Successful Genealogy Business will leave the course with next steps to make progress in their plans. At the end of the week, each student will have a unique business plan crafted from each day’s homework. Liz said, "While facing of some very difficult but necessary interim decisions, this course helped me see the possibilities for the future. I came away from the course with a plan and the necessary tools to help me plot out a realistic course of action."

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