Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Early U.S. Church Records ...

can be essential to resolving genealogical problems! Church registers can be a substitute for missing vital records; they can also serve as correlating evidence when working with multiple indirect resources to construct and document a genealogical project.

The course will examine both the theological underpinnings of a number of Christian denominations and their substantial impact in American genealogy. The records created by churches, ministers, and denominations that can affect and impact on the genealogical work will be considered. Denominational “genealogy,” leading lights, naming patterns, cultural and behavioral impacts, in addition to church records as resources will be considered in this week-long learning experience.

With the world’s largest collection of records within walking distance of the course, we will examine the utility of the records available, their use as substitutes for civil registration and vital records, and effective interweaving of the records into written narratives of a family’s record.

This course also examines churches “across the pond” in their European settings, and evaluates influences that helped shape denominational thinking and record-keeping processes.

Rev. David McDonald, DMin, CG along with his instructor team of:

  • Lisa Parry Arnold 
  • F. Warren Bittner, CG 
  • Kelvin L. Meyers 

will consider the theological influences impacting on the particular denominations, along with religious practices and cultural attitudes which may prevail amongst various groups and bodies. Homework that reinforces the material covered will be featured on three evenings.

Registration for SLIG 2020 is open! You can view a daily schedule and view a video by the Rev. David McDonald, who will provide more insight on this course.

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