Thursday, August 1, 2019

DNA Times Five!

On Saturdays beginning on October 12th and running through November 23rd, students have the opportunity to tackle five complex cases, one each week. The five cases for the Virtual All-DNA Practicum will be brand new this year. This unique course tests a student's ability to plan, research, analyze, correlate, and solve complex genealogical research problems that use DNA.

There are currently still open seats in Session 3, which runs from 3:00 to 5:00 pm Mountain Time.

Virtual Practicum participants have a week to work on the case and then they gather together online on Saturday to discuss the case with fellow classmates and the case study author/instructor. They have a chance to compare strategies, methodologies, difficulties and results before the instructor demonstrates the case solution. This gives participants experience in working on a wide variety of genealogical problems.

This is an advanced course that will require analyzing and correlating a combination of documentary and DNA evidence. Students should have advanced skills researching in all types of genealogical records, and solving tough genealogical problems. 

Students should have a solid grasp of:
  • DNA inheritance patterns
  • The Genealogical Proof Standard

Students should have experience:
  • Using DNA to solve genealogical problems (beyond recent unknown parentage)
  • Using atDNA results at three testing companies
  • Working with shared matches and genetic clusters
  • Researching in a wide variety of genealogical records including deeds, probate, census, immigration, etc.
  • Solving "brick wall" genealogical problems
  • Using advanced documentary research skills such as analysis and correlation
  • Resolving conflicts with evidence

To view more information on this course, including the prerequisites, go here.

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