Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2019 SLIG Academy Highlight: Developing and Managing an Effective Institute Course

This weekend, J. Mark Lowe will be entertaining and educating attendees at the 2018 Fall Seminar of the Alabama Genealogical Society. Mark's topic is "Genealogy's Deeper Well: When the Easy Stuff Runs Dry." Mark is a lifelong genealogist and enjoys opportunities to share his knowledge and expertise. More information on the event can be found here.

In January 2019, Mark will be at the 2019 SLIG Academy to coordinate his course, "Effective Institute Course." With guidance by experienced classroom instructors, participants will learn effective tools to prepare and maintain a successful course of study. Participants will prepare a detailed scope, sequence, and define course learning outcomes. Participants will also discuss how to include opportunities for complex problem solving, decision making, research planning and brainstorming activities in the classroom. The courses defined by participants during the week will be reviewed with faculty towards designing and improving balanced courses of instruction that insure student involvement. Together participants and faculty will work towards developing a course with successful learning activities, available resources, and prepared instructors.

For more information on the course, go here. To register, go here.

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