Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SLIG Registration Series: Wait Lists

Wait List: a record of time-stamped entries indicating interest in an already-full course.

The blessing this year = no need to look beyond the registration form to get on a wait list.  The downside? The inability to go back in after you have already registered and add to your list!

But we have solutions. And reasons. Things are always easier to live with if you have a reason.

Here are a handful of answers to the most commonly asked questions about wait lists:

Q: I  checked the box to wait list a course while registering. Where do I verify that it worked?

A:  Log in to your dashboard by navigating to SLIG > Registration > Register, or go directly to Click on "Wait Listed Courses" in the left-hand menu.

You will be shown a list similar to the one below, where you can see the courses you are wait-listed for along with the date/time stamp for when each was added.

Note that the date/time stamp for the first two on the above list are the same; this is because they were selected during the registration process, while the third was added later.

Q:  I'm trying to add a course to my wait list, but when I click on "Register Now," I get this message:

A:  The system is set to protect the course in which you are registered and other selections from accidental change. So, if you have already registered, skipped the wait list page, or changed your mind later, simply email the SLIG Registrar (  Please include your full name and email address to assure there is no confusion among similar names, along with the course or courses for which you wish to be wait listed.

You will be added to a course wait list based on the date/time of your email. You may then view the updated list from your dashboard (see question above).

Q:  What are my chances of getting off a waiting list?

A:  In the words of a famous genealogist, it depends. Sometimes we are able to add seats to a course; sometimes there is movement from course to course. The most changes occur near the course cancellation deadline, November 30th. Some even occur the day we begin. Miracles happen ... and ... sometimes they don't.

To protect the integrity of the wait list process, we cannot tell you your placement; nor can we move you up the list for any good reason. We can't let you swap courses with a friend who can no longer attend, as that seat should go to the next person on the wait list. Sounds downright depressing, doesn't it?

The good news is, we are often able to work through quite a few names on our wait lists, depending on circumstances. We recommend that you register for your second choice course while you wait – but only if it is truly a course you will enjoy as there are no guarantees. While we would love to help each and every one of you get that first choice selection, seating is, by necessity, limited.

Q:  I haven't registered yet, and the only courses in which I have an interest are full.  How do I get on the wait list?

A:  Click on "Register Now" and on the first page, select "Wait List Only," then "Next."

When you get to the next page, the only courses that will be listed in dark text are those for which a wait list is available. Select one or more, and again, click "Next."

Just as if you were registering and paying for a course, you will need to reply to the agreements and invitations on the following page. Then once you are pulled off the wait list, those answers are already on file. Cancellation policy agreement is required; permissions are optional. Again, click "Next."

The final page is a "Summary" of your selections. If you find an error, you can use the "Previous" button to return to a prior page to modify your answers. Once everything on this page is accurate, click "Finish." You MUST click "Finish" or your wait list request is not complete.

You should then see an additional notice at the bottom of that page confirmating that you have been added. Click "Exit Registration" to go back to your dashboard. From there, you can also open "Wait Lists" (see top Q/A on this page) to see your wait listed courses.

I wish I could say that would be cause for celebration. That needs to wait until you get that exciting email from our amazing registrar that says "An Opening is Available."  Then you can jump for joy. 

Q:  Peg, what are my odds? What are the secrets of the wait list universe? Your wait list wisdom?

A:  I truly wish I had some. But I do offer this:
  • The sooner you get on a wait list, the higher the probabilty of success. Don't sign up in November and expect immediate, or possibly any, gratification.
  • Do register for your second choice so you can make plans to attend while the airline prices are reasonable and there is still lodging available. Then, if an opening comes up in the final days just before SLIG, or even on the day of, your chances of being able to take that seat are greater than those on the list ahead of you who are still in Virginia Beach. Not that we won't call down the list in order, but the odds of having someone purchase a last-minute flight to SLC are naturally slim (although it has happened).
  • Be realistic. If Tom's Advanced Methodology course filled in less than one minute, and you wait listed the course two days later, consider that you might be quite a ways down the list. Please take a good hard look at other options - there are some absolutely amazing courses available this year. 
I wish you all the best of luck with this process. And may the "odds" be with you!

Peg Ivanyo, Director

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