Thursday, July 5, 2018

SLIG Registration Series: Did you Validate your Account?

Registration day is coming. You've set up your new SLIG Registration Account and your alarm is set for Saturday so you will be ready to pounce on the keys at 9:00 am (or 2:00 pm for the Academy or both) to grab a seat in your favorite course.

And then, you can't log in. WHAT?!?

Rewind a day. 

May we kindly suggest - if you haven't done this already - that you log in now, just to make sure you can - that your account is activated, you remember your login and your password.  Let's just make sure we are all doubly prepared.

WHY you ask?

It could be possible that you are one of the 3% who missed that nice little message just below Thank you for creating a SLIG Registration Account that said:

"An email verification link has been sent to you.
Please activate your account by clicking the link in the email." 
(emphasis added)

Or perhaps cyberspace or the internet junk-collector ate your email. 

Or you thought it was just late in coming (it should be immediate). Perhaps the "t" was missing on your email address which ends in .net or the "m" in .com was entered as an "n". It happens.

Regardless of the reason for the disconnect, without activating your account, and getting this VERY IMPORTANT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT . . .

. . . you won't be able to log in no matter how many times you try. And if you have waited long enough to click on that link, it has probably expired.

If that is the case, please DON'T PANIC.  

Just shoot us an email; we can re-send a verification email (make sure that is on your safe senders list).  

Or give us give us a call (801-259-4172 x 2); while on the phone, we can proof your email address and check that box for you. We will even wait on the phone while you try to log in to make sure you are ready.

BE READY for Saturday by checking your account on Friday. PLEASE.

We want you to have a smooth experience in this new registration ship of ours. In fact, our next post will outline just how simple it is going to be . . . . . . assuming, of course, that you have verified your email and double checked your account.

See you online on Saturday!

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