Saturday, June 30, 2018

SLIG Registration Series: Setting up a new Account

Want to make sure you are "on time" to get a seat in your favorite course at SLIG registration?  Please set up your new user account ahead of time.

  1. You can log in to your new account, watch the count-down clock, and automatically get a "Register Now" link when registation opens.
  2. All of your contact information, badge name, and UGA membership link are already in the system.
  3. You can log in at any time to view your enrollments (courses or programs), wait list, if any, transactions - paid or not.  In short, you can see everything, update everything, in one place.
What if you don't?
  1. You can't get there from here.  In order to register for any SLIG course in any SLIG program this year, you will need to set up a user account. You must log in to register.
  2. Waiting to do this on registration day may mean you don't get a seat in your course of choice due to valuable lost time.
When setting up your user account, please observe the following:
  1. Proof your email address and username carefully. 
  2. You determine what is prnted on your name badge and certificate. If you want postnominals, please add them. If you don't want you name in all CAPS, please don't enter it that way :)
  3. If you are UGA member, you must use the same email for this account in order to receive the UGA member discount on tuition.
  4. You will be required to agree with our policies in order to obtain an account - kind of like those software EULA's, where you can't download without agreeing. 
Here are the step by step screenshots:

Go to OR navigate to > Registration > Register. You will see this image on the left hand side of the page:

Enter your name, address, phone, etc. Note that U.S. and Canada states and provinces will require a two-letter entry; other countries may use more.  If you can't get past "next", that may be why. You must enter at least one phone number; please make sure it is valid in case we need to reach you.

Next page:  Please, please, please proof your email address and username, make sure your badge name and certificate name are exactly as you want them printed, and write down your password.

If you are a UGA member, please check the box.

If you just renewed or joined, you may not be immediately validated.  If that happens, the system will return you to this page. No worries!  First, make sure the email address you entered IS the same as your UGA membership email.  Then, just un-check the box and click "next" again; the system will validate UGA membership every few hours.
Please read the SLIG policies before you set up your account. Agreement will be required.
Adding your name to the SLIG e-news list is optional; however, if you are already on that list, leaving this box blank will not remove you; you will need to "opt-out" when you receive your next mailing.

Click on "Finish".  If for some reason, your email or username is already used, you will receive this error message.  Click on "back" and update and complete again.

Almost there!  Once you have "finished" setting up your new account, you will receive this message and an email will be sent to you to verify your email address.

The email will come from the following address with the following header. SLIG Programs =

Just click on the account activation link.  If you don't, your account will not be activated; the system will assume you are a robot or alien, and delete your account after so many hours or days.  Please watch for this email, check your junk mail folder if needed, and add to your safe senders list so you will always get email from us safely.

And that's a wrap!  Please take a moment to log in, browse around, make sure everything is in order. And then, we will see you on registration day.

 Don't forget to log in BEFORE registration opens so you are ready at the keyboard to click on "Register Now".

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