Wednesday, May 2, 2018

SLIG 2019 Course Highlight: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy

Are you ready to delve into DNA? Come to SLIG in 2019 for the course, "Introduction to Genetic Genealogy: Hands-on Application for Beginners"!

Paul Woodbury

In this hands-on course, students will utilize sample data as well their own data to perform basic tasks of genetic genealogy research including the following:
  • Create testing plans incorporating such elements as which individuals to test, the types of tests to take and the companies to be used. 
  • Evaluate chances of success and needs for additional testing for a research objective given a set of test results.
  • Develop research plans given a set of DNA test results.
  • Abide by genetic genealogy ethics and standards.
  • Interpret Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA and autosomal DNA test results in a variety of research situations.
    • Evaluate Y-DNA and mtDNA matches
    • Identify and evaluate likely relationships based on shared autosomal DNA, and tree data.
    • Anchor DNA interpretation with direct line tests
    • Explore possible sources of shared DNA for X-DNA matches
    • Interpret ethnicity reports for Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA and autosomal DNA test results and formulate estimates regarding ethnic origins of the first few generations of ancestry.
    • Perform modern research and create “quick and dirty” trees in the pursuit of an objective.
  • Collaborate and correspond with genetic cousins in the pursuit of a research objective. 
  • Correctly cite genetic genealogy sources. 
  • Evaluate which approaches and methodologies would be best to utilize in a given research case.
  • Incorporate DNA evidence into genealogical proof arguments.
Level of Instruction: Intermediate

Registration: Registration opens Saturday, 7 July 2018. For more detailed information please visit

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