Friday, April 20, 2018

Changes at SLIG

Our followers are likely already aware that SLIG has been expanding: the new Academy for Professionals, SLIG Extended for guided research and consultation after SLIG, the return of Tech Day, and additional Virtual programs yet to be announced.

One can only imagine the growing navigation menu on the left hand side of the website, or the challenge one might have trying to keep track of registration confirmations. To help, we offer yet more change – this time in navigation and registration.

New Navigation Menu

To navigate through the information available, hover over a word in the new banner at the top of any SLIG page to view related topics.  Where no sub-topics exists - the blog or the store - a simple click will take you directly to that page.

The program URLs (such as will direct you to the overview page for that specific program, while opening both the menu on the left and the banner at the top to provide easy access to all SLIG-related information.

Information is still being added to the website between now and July. Course details and additional program information is coming soon; the new storefront competed by mid-May, and special event and keynote speaker information will post in July.

New Registration Module

With multiple programs for which to register, one might want to access and view all registration-related information in one place. To facilitate this, and enhance both participant and registration team experience, we are working with a third-party to customize the SLIG registration program.

The system will have a distinctly different look and feel than recent years, requiring creation of a new registration account either prior to or during registration, and agreement with policies prior to check-out.

We wish to assure that everyone is familiar and prepared for the changes. Detailed information will be posted at least one month prior to registration on the website, and shared via e-news, social media, and a UGA member blast. In the meantime, we encourage you to read through this short introduction on our website.

We hope you enjoy the new SLIG navigation and registration experiences!

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