Saturday, December 30, 2017

Three SLIG Contests for Fun, Experience and Finding!

Monday morning at SLIG will kick off a full week of contest fun! 

Photo Tag Line Contest: #SLIGFun
  • Take a photo of any memorable SLIG moment – in your course, with your friends, as you research –and post with a caption including the hashtag #SLIGFun. 
  • Two entries will be selected to receive early registration based on best caption/photo combination. All others will be drawn randomly.
  • Posts should be made to or shared with the SLIG 2018 Facebook page. 
  • If you are not on social media, entries may be submitted to

Blogger Contest: #SLIGExperience
Bloggers are important to SLIG and to the SLIG experience. 
  • Share your thoughts and words about your SLIG experience to enter the contest. 
  • sign up by emailing 
  • You will be given information about a special bloggers room at SLIG where you may relax while you capture your thoughts. 
  • Two entries will be selected to receive early registration. All others will be drawn randomly.
  • Include the hashtag #SLIGExperience, and
  • share your blog post on the SLIG 2018 Facebook page, tweet it, post it on Google+, or email the link to to enter.

Find-an-Elk Contest: #SLIGFind
The Elk is Utah’s state animal, and he is a little out of his native habitat here in Salt Lake City. Can you help us find him? 
  • Each day a zoomed in photo of SLIG's elk (with the appropriate tapestry coat) will appear on the SLIG 2018 Facebook page in the morning. 
  • If no one can identify the location of our elk from this photo, another photo will be posted that reveals more of the Elk’s location. 
  • This will continue for up to 5 photos per day.
  • Participants will reply to the photos and include the hashtag #SLIGFind
  • Each day’s winner will win $10 in Hilton Bucks with his/her photo taken with the Elk. 
  • Each day's winner will be posted on the SLIG 2018 Facebook page.
  • If there is not a daily winner, the prizes will go unrewarded.

Contests are open to all SLIG attendees. If you aren’t a Facebook user, and wish to join in the fun, please ask for details at the UGA booth in SLIG Central or email

Join in to experience all the SLIG fun!

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