Thursday, November 30, 2017

Behind the Scenes at SLIG: Rita Barredo

Rita Barredo began attending SLIG 10 years ago. Tapped to serve as the Assistant Registrar of SLIG this last February, she first worked with SLIG as a volunteer room monitor from 2012-2016. She makes sure the registrations go well, that they stay organized and that attendees get the course they pay for.

Rita is a quiet soul with a great big smile and an impressive level of education. After graduating from college with a BA in History, she further earned a BS in Accounting, an MS in Accounting, an MBA, and an MA in Public History. She has been featured in Who’s Who in America 1996-2016, Who’s Who in Finance and Business 1997-2009, Who’s Who in the East 1997-2006, Who’s Who in the World 1997 -2016, and Who’s Who of American Women 1995-2011.

Recently retiring after 40 years as an auditor, Rita says she enjoys genealogy and reading as her hobbies. She credits her organizational skills to her career, but she, like many of us, says that we “wouldn’t necessarily [be able to] tell how organized I am by looking at my kitchen and dining room tables with piles of notes, reference books and history books!!!” 

Always modest, Rita does more than enjoy genealogy; she earned her Boston University Certificate in Genealogical Research and is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), where she lists her specialties as Colonial Research, Emigration & Immigration and Naturalization.

Rita particularly enjoys SLIG as an opportunity to compare notes with genea friends and catch up with news of their families and findings. When not traveling to other conferences during the year, Rita enjoys recording genealogical information and sharing the results of her research with extended family.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Rita still resides in “the Constitution state.” She is the child of immigrant maternal grandparents from Italy and immigrant paternal grandparents from Spain. Both grandparents ended up in Connecticut to work and stayed. Rita would very much like to go to Spain to research her paternal grandparent's families. 

Look for Rita and say “Hi” at SLIG 2018.

Until next time, the next committee member, and the next Behind the Scenes at SLIG 2018!

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