Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fall 2017 SLIG Virtual Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum

Fall 2017 SLIG Virtual Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum


Angela Packer McGhie, CG

Back by popular demand, SLIG will offer the Virtual Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum course again in 2017. This unique course tests a student's ability to plan, research, analyze, correlate, and solve a complex genealogical research problem.

This SLIG course challenges students as they work through five complex cases, one each week from October 7th through November 11th. The five cases for the Virtual Practicum include four of those selected for the Advanced Evidence Analysis Practicum course taught in Salt Lake in January 2017.

Virtual Practicum participants have a week to work on the case and then they gather together online on Saturday to discuss the case with fellow classmates and the case study author/instructor. They have a chance to compare strategies, methodologies, difficulties and results before the instructor demonstrates the case solution. This gives participants experience in working on a wide variety of genealogical problems.

Student Requirements

This course is for advanced students. Previous participation in an advanced methodology course at SLIG, GRIP or IGHR, or equivalent experience and training, is recommended.
You should have a minimum of 10 hours per week during the course to work through the complex cases.
We will be using webcams to participate in video chats for the group discussions. If you do not have a webcam, you can participate via audio. All students should have a headset with a microphone to eliminate background noise.

Course Schedules

Saturdays, beginning 7 October through 11 November 2017:

 Session 1: 10am to 12pm (MDT)

 Session 2: 12:30 to 2:30pm (MDT)


Registration Fee: $350

Registration will open on Saturday, 1 July:

9:00am MDT: early registration for SLIG 2017 participants.
12:00pm MDT: open registration.

Case Instructors
  • Bethany Waterbury 
  • Eric Stroschein
  • Jean Wilcox Hibben, PhD, MA
  • Cari Taplin, CG
  • Angela Packer McGhie, CG

Please visit our website for full description at (look for the tab on the left).

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