Thursday, May 11, 2017

SLIG 2018 Course Highlight: In-depth Sources for Portuguese Research – Azores, Brazil, Portugal

Course 6:

 In-depth Sources for Portuguese Research – Azores, Brazil, Portugal


Michael J. Hall

This course will be an in-depth examination of the various church and civil Portuguese language records that are highly used in conducting Portuguese research. These records include baptismal, marriage, death, passports, and ethnic newspapers. Key Portuguese words and phrases will be identified, examined and discussed as a preparation for the in-depth study of the before-mentioned records. Understanding the patterns associated with each of the records, such as dates will give the student a working knowledge of each record type, and its importance.

In addition, a practical application workshop will follow each class which will give the student a hands on experience with mentors to assist. The practical application workshop, and case studies regarding the use of these records, will provide an in-depth knowledge that will enable the student to conduct Portuguese research with only a basic understanding of the language and patterns associated with Portuguese records.

Suggested Requirements

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop computer or tablet for project work during the week.

Other Instructors

Al Viera
Lauren Wake

Luís Teixeira map of the Azores (c. 1584). Source: Wikipedia

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