Thursday, May 4, 2017

SLIG 2018 Course Highlight: Digging Deeper: Pre-1837 English Research

Course 4: 

Digging Deeper: Pre-1837 English Research


Paul Milner, MDiv

This course will provide an in-depth look at pre-1837 English research methodologies, resources, and tools, including the laws that created the records. It will address all levels and classes of society from the landed classes to paupers; law abiding citizens and criminals; tradesmen to professionals.

1747 Map of England. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Level of Instruction

This course will target intermediate to advanced students, who hopefully know where in England their ancestors are and have done some English research. The course will address the fundamentals but take them further using case studies and less familiar records and resources.

Suggested Prerequisites

The students in the weeks prior to the class will be expected to read a book on English history to provide context. Recommendations will be made closer to the time. Students will also be surveyed ahead of time to understand their research and geographical experience.

Other Instructors

Ronald Hill, PhD, CG, FASG
Diane C. Loosle, AG, CG

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