Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Millennial Genealogist At South Davis.

Zachary Hamilton is also known as  "The Millennial Genealogist". 
He grew up in southern Missouri and has spent most of his adult life in Idaho. Despite his young age, Zachary has been participating in his own family's research for nearly 20 years. Professionally, Zachary has been a family history researcher and presenter for 3 years. Many of his presentations focus on using new technology and techniques to accomplish and share well done traditional genealogy research. He commonly presents at conferences, fairs, family discovery days and family history centers all over eastern Idaho. He has also presented as a guest speaker in courses at BYU-Idaho and previously served as the assistant director of the Rexburg Family History Center. He attended Boise State University and BYU-Idaho. Zachary likes pie (strawberry rhubarb) and Star wars.

Zachary will be presenting 3 classes at the conference. In Genealogy on the Go, you will have the opportunity to learn how to blend technology with family history research.

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