Thursday, October 20, 2016

SLIG's Storyteller - John Philip Colletta

John Philip Colletta will be at the 2016 Association of Personal Historians (APH) Conference in Fort Worth, Texas from October 23rd to 26th. He will be the keynote speaker and won't the audience be in for a treat! He will also be presenting a workshop as well.

There is no doubt that John has a way with words. On the conference website, just the first sentence of an introduction of John leaves the reader wanting more.

"It’s the night of March 4, 1873. And deep in the Mississippi back country, raging flames consume a store, along with the five people sleeping inside."

The APH website also provides information on a podcast that Life Story People Podcast host Steve Pender had with Dr. Colletta. 

In January 2017, SLIG is excited to have John coordinating Course 7: Settlers in the New World and Immigrants to a New Nation: Researching Ancestors from Overseas. There are still seats remaining and he will be regaling his students on the immigration saga—the dramatic and momentous stories of ancestors leaving their homeland for a new life in America. This course explores sources and methods for reconstructing the lives of ancestors who came from foreign lands. John's courses provide information and entertainment and an opportunity to elevate your genealogical education!

See for more information or to register.

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