Saturday, October 29, 2016

SLIG 2017: Help us Make even more History

SLIG 2017 is a year of firsts.  
Other "firsts" in History - Wright Brothers NASA image; public domain
  • First year with 16 courses.  Yes we opened with 14, but we now have 16; DNA and Virginia have literally cloned themselves and are running two courses concurrently.  That means we just met the director's goal for 2019.
  • First year with over 400 students attending.
  • First year with 90% of the available seats filled.
  • First year running out of space for some courses that were expected to be smaller in nature and weren't.
  • First year using a theme.  Indeed "History in the Making" was inspired by all these "firsts," and will provide a fun way to celebrate throughout the week.

Therefore, the director has this very strange idea that we should hit another "first":  filling every seat available.  A BHAG (big hairy audacious goal that stands not much of a chance in 30 years of being met), but now actually within our reach.

And what does that mean?  We are engaging your help.  When new people register between now and Saturday, November 12th, we will ask them who referred them.  And your name, should you be the referring party, will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate at your choice of Spencer's or Trofi at the Hilton.

Courses with seats available include:
  • Course 2: Technology (Ingles)
  • Course 5: Nordic (Hasleton/Svare)
  • Course 6: Social History (Philibert-Ortega)
  • Course 7: Immigrants (Colletta)
  • Course 13: Forensics (Desmarais/Tauscher)
If the course appears to be "full," have your friend get on the waiting list, as we are needing to watch the seating capacities carefully and in some cases have only posted a handful of seats online and pull from the waiting list after that.

We hope you will help us create history at SLIG.  And we wish you luck in the drawing.

Image Credit:  Wilbur and Orville Wright, 1904; NASA image; public domain

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