Thursday, June 30, 2016

SLIG 2017 Highlight: Forensic Genealogy from Inquiry to Affidavit

Forensic genealogy has been increasing in demand over the past several years. Coordinators Catherine B. W. Desmarais and Amber Goodpaster Tauscher have created a course, entitled "The Coaching Lab: Forensic Genealogy from Inquiry to Affidavit." This is one of the fourteen courses that are being offered in January 2017.

Registration for SLIG opens at 9 AM MDT on Saturday, July 9th! 

This guided practical experience will coach students through the process of receiving, researching, and writing up a new U.S.-based probate case. Participants will learn effective ways to communicate research findings using timesaving templates to create source-cited research logs, reports, and affidavits. Family relationship charts and document exhibits will also be developed. By applying these skills to an actual case, participants will create a better workflow and increase their business productivity.

Students will also learn about the underlying laws and concepts needed by forensic genealogists working on probate, real estate and oil and gas cases. Advanced tips for finding living people and acting as a court witness will be shared. Finally, lessons learned during a forensic genealogy career will cap off the week.

Forensic genealogy is not a beginner’s specialty. Students should have at least a year’s professional genealogy experience writing genealogical research reports for multiple paying clients before considering this course. The course is also appropriate for experienced forensic genealogists who wish to improve their skills and streamline their workflow. Students need to bring a laptop computer and possess solid word processing skills.

See for more information on this and the other available courses.

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