Monday, June 27, 2016

Counting Down The Days Until SLIG Registration

Registration opens July 9th! Now is the time to be deciding which class you want to enroll in.  With so many amazing choices, it's always a difficult choice for me. Every time I go though the pictures for last year, I think, 'oh I should have taken that class!' But, alas, you can only take one class a year. Which one will you be taking this year? I love the tagline by Melanie Frick, used in the photo above. I have made some amazing friends as we worked together, learning from our stellar instructors.


  1. I plan to enroll for the first time -- but haven't decided which class yet.

    1. Many good choices! Be sure to read through the course outlines which are up now. That should help you determine the best fit.

  2. Your website identified on this blog,, produces a "Not Found" error.

  3. Susan, I fixed the link please try again. Sorry about that, I was logged into the website when I created the link.