Thursday, April 21, 2016

SLIG's "Dynamic Duo" Speaking at NGS

As you wait to register for the SLIG course, "The Family History Law Library," you have the chance at the NGS conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to hear both Judy Russell and Rick Sayre as they share their knowledge with conference attendees.

You can attend any or all of Judy's appearances:

  • "When Worlds Collide: Resolving Conflicts in Genealogical Records"
  • "BCG Certification Seminar, Part 1"
  • "BCG Certification Seminar, Part 2"
  • "Separate but Unequal: Slave Laws and their Records"
  • "Three Lawyers Walk into a Luncheon: Spilling the Goods on Copyright" ($)
  • "Dower and Dowry: Women, Property, & Legal Records"
  • "Laws of the Indies: Spanish Florida Laws and the Records They Produced"

Rich will be sharing his expertise on cemeteries, Florida military, land records and resources and repositories:

  • "Cool Tools for the Cemetery"
  • "Florida in the Civil War"
  • "Mapping Apps for Genealogists (LS)"
  • "Territorial Papers of the Southeastern United States (1798-1845)"

The will be teaming up together in January 2017 to coordinate their law course, which will cover the basic legal concepts and legal research approaches appropriate for genealogists and will require the student to employ these concepts with hands on exercises using the resources of the FHL. Topics will include courts and their records, estate laws, legislative records, pensions, and property law.

Additionally, elements of both English common law and Roman law will be introduced through classes on the legal concepts found in Irish, German, and French law that relate to research in those countries and their relevance to research in the United States.

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