Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SLIG Coordinator, Barbara Vines Little, will be at NGS!

SLIG is excited to have Barbara Vines Little come out of retirement to coordinate her course, "Virginia from the Colonial Period to the Civil War: Her Records, Her People, Her Laws" in 2017!

The course will focus on Virginia resources and the background information (law, social customs, geography, etc.) needed to properly interpret them. Substitutes for missing records, Virginia records in out-of-state repositories, and unique manuscript records in small, local repositories will be addressed. Emphasis will be placed on records available either online or through microfilm loan programs; however, researchers will also be introduced to records available only in manuscript form at either the local level or in larger research repositories. 

If you like like the opportunity to learn from her expertise in the meantime, she will be speaking at the NGS conference being held in (location). Her presentation topics include:

  • Chancery Records: The Secrets They Hold, the Families They Reveal
  • On a Scale of One to Ten: Weighing the Evidence
  • Identifying Women: The Ultimate Brick Wall
  • Backtracking Your Migrating Ancestors: A Methodology That Works

Please keep referring back to the SLIG website at for current information on the 2017 SLIG institute. We hope you will be joining us in January 2017!

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