Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SLIG 2017 Highlight: Advanced Evidence Practicum

Having a hard time deciding which class to take next year? Are you a hands-on learner, ready to sink your teeth into some brilliant case studies? Have you taken Tom Jones' Advanced Genealogical Methods class and wondered how to build on that experience?

We're kicking off our SLIG 2017 course highlights with a recurring favorite: Advanced Evidence Practicum with Angela McGhie. This class offers five complex case studies, presented by five different professional genealogists, covering a wide variety of geographies and methodologies. If you are looking to stretch outside your comfort zone and strengthen your skills, come see why some take this class every year!

The week starts Sunday evening, where your first case study objectives will be explained. You'll then have 24 hours to research, use direct and indirect evidence, resolve conflicts, and organize your evidence into a written summary. After working on the case individually, classroom time centers around a group discussion comparing sources, strategies, and roadblocks. The opportunity to learn from the instructor and fellow classmates is one of the most valuable aspects of the class.

Ancestry's Barefoot Genealogist Crista Cowan said, "This is the second time I’ve enrolled in Practicum at SLIG.  I love the opportunity to stretch my genealogy skills by working in new records, and improve my abilities in methodologies I don’t get to use in my every day work.  I have learned so much, both times, from the instructors and the other students.  I’m excited to participate in this course again in the future."

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For more about Angela McGhie, visit her blog Adventures in Genealogy Education.

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