Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Learn from the storytelling master!

You’ve gathered a lot of information about your ancestors. Now it’s time to tell their stories. Using vivid examples and case studies, this course demonstrates how to compile your material; write biography; choose a numbering system; document, edit and proofread your text; and publish the saga of your family - on paper or electronically. Classes explore how to enliven your prose with family lore, treasured heirlooms, local history, maps, and illustrations.

One in-class writing exercise with follow-up critique helps you improve practical skills, share your talents, and exchange ideas with the instructors and fellow students.

John's website can be found at The following is taken from his biographical information:

"John Philip Colletta is one of America’s most popular genealogical lecturers. Knowledgeable, experienced and entertaining, he resides in Washington, D.C. For twenty years, while laying the foundation for his career in genealogy, he worked half-time at the Library of Congress and taught workshops at the National Archives."

John's course is filling up, so register now! With only eight courses left with seats remaining, now is the time to register. For more information, see

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