Thursday, July 30, 2015

Have you ever asked yourself the question...

Why should I attend the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy?

There are so many educational opportunities available for genealogists. Why attend an institute? Especially when there are educational events you can attend from the comfort of home.

I attended my first institute in 2009 and have been to one or more every year since. I never realized how an institute could elevate my genealogical education!

I have participated in lectures, webinars, one-day as well as multi-day national conferences and those are good educational opportunities as well. But after experiencing my first institute, I am determined to attend at least one institute a year.

You are probably asking, "what is so special about an institute"? 

I love being able to immerse myself in a genealogy topic with others of like mind for an entire week! Learning from nationally known genealogy instructors is a wonderful experience and attending in person provides the opportunity to learn from the experts and from your classmates. There is a synergy that can't be duplicated sitting at home. Since I started attending in 2009, I have seen my proficiency at research and methodology improve dramatically! It was the best decision I ever made in advancing my genealogy knowledge and expertise.

With thirteen courses to chose from, the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy offers something for everyone! With only eight courses left with seats remaining, now is the time to register. For more information, see

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