Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Class Highlight: Problem Solving with Luana Darby

Are you tired of hitting your head against a "brick wall?" End the headache, and bring your research conundrums, quandaries, and questions to Problem Solving with Luana Darby! Her years of family history experience, combined with the collective knowledge of the other attendees, is a phenomenal opportunity to solve your riddle and learn lots along the way. A mentored week at the Family History Library? Yes, please!
Students will develop methodology, analysis, and research skills while focusing on your own project. After being divided into small groups by geographic regions or countries, daily two hour meetings are your chance to review research progress with two professional consultants and other group participants.
 After taking Problem Solving, Jennifer Dondero said, "Reporting back to the group each day helped me be accountable (cite every source!) and think outside MY box. I wish every research trip could work this way."

Student involvement in problem solving requires commitment and advance preparation. It is divided into two parts:

Pre-Institute: Choose project focus, ancestor, time period, geographical area, and research questions. Project submission can include timeline, pertinent pedigree and family group sheets, research logs, maps, and a short research summary, detailing what is known information and a discussion of sources used in previous research. Assigned consultants will return an initial analysis of the student's proposed research on Sunday at Institute. To assure more cohesive groups, focus areas will be pre-selected. Fee shown includes regular tuition plus a consultant fee.

Institute: Under guidance from professional consultants, student's will use a group collaborative approach to discuss research progress each day, utilizing the combined knowledge and experience of the group to solve problems.

Please note that shuttles do not run during the regular part of the day and student may be on their own for transportation to the FHL for research.  It is a two-block (Salt Lake City block) walk.

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