Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Class Highlight: Advanced Research Tool, Land Records with Pamela & Richard Sayre

"Location, location, location!" A byline for genealogists and real estate agents alike. Advanced Research Tool: Land Records, taught by the expert Sayres, is an important class all serious genealogists need to take. Land genealogy is just as important as people genealogy for overcoming research barriers. This course explores land distribution across the United States via colonial powers, private land claims, federal land records from homesteads to military bounty lands, at the National Archives down to local county or town deeds.

Students will learn about the Public Land Survey System, and the "metes and bounds" system. Course discussions will focus on land law, and how to use land records to prove kinship. A hands-on computer lab will teach you the resources for finding land records, mapping, and deed platting.

Former class participant Monique Riley said, "I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Federal land entry papers. We were taught about the different types of case files and what information they can contain.  Using the information in tract books and the BLM website, we were shown how to obtain these important files from NARA." 

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