Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Conference -- Shellee Morehead

Shellee Morehead -- Clusters and Chains for Finding Immigrant Origins
Clusters and chains are not cookies! They describe family and neighborhood groups who emigrated to the U.S. Track neighbors and associates to find clues to European hometowns. This lecture describes  immigrant experiences, cluster genealogy and chain migration and demonstrates proven methods to track your immigrant ancestors.

Shellee Morehead -- Conserving Our Personal Collections
Most genealogists are the “family historian” and we gratefully accept a variety of materials for our research. But how do we preserve the materials entrusted to us? Do we prepare for the unexpected? We will discuss preservation of various types of materials and ensuring their survival for future generations.

Shellee Morehead -- Sex, DNA and Family History
It all starts with sex and how two types of DNA, mitochondrial DNA and chromosomal DNA, are transmitted to males and females. This lecture describes DNA transmission and shows how to use two basic genealogy charts, pedigree and descendency charts, to ask and answer questions about your ancestry using DNA.

Shellee Morehead -- Finding and Using Manuscript Collections
Manuscript collections contain fabulous and unique materials for our family history research. Family papers can hide in historical societies, universities or state archives around the country. Learn how to find relevant manuscript collections using online resources, and see a variety of examples of manuscripts used to enhance family history writing.

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