Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Conference -- Pat Jensen

Pat Jensen -- Italian Indexing for the non-Italian Indexer
With the completion of the 1940 Census, the Italian indexing has become a priority indexing project. This class introduces simple, key words and numbers used in printed Italian form records and identifies the required elements in birth and death records, as the class learns the basics of Italian indexing.
(Beginner to Advanced)

Pat Jensen -- FamilySearchIndexing Basics and Tips
This workshop is intended to give those new and experienced in FamilySearch Indexing helpful instructions and shortcuts that will simplify and increase their work without decreasing accuracy. The class includes keyboard shortcuts for the power indexer and program tools and tricks for all levels.
(Beginner to Advanced)

Pat Jensen -- Paleography: Early Handwriting – Can You Read It?
Whether researching original records or indexing for FamilySearch, reading early records presents stumbling blocks for many family history enthusiasts. This class takes learners through many of the pitfalls of reading original records and includes document transcription. It gives additional resources, such as alphabet templates, a book list, and practice websites.
(Beginner to Intermediate)

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