Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Conference -- Michael D. Lacopo

Michael D. Lacopo --Deconstructing Your Family Tree: Re-Evaluating The "Evidence"
When information passed on from researcher to researcher doesn't "add up," it's time to tear down the walls and rebuild anew.  This methodology lecture shows how erroneous conclusions can sneak into our research uncontested.  This lecture is pertinent especially today with so many Internet family trees that get cut and pasted into our own research. 
(Beginner to Advanced)

Michael D. Lacopo -- More Than the Census - Our Families Did Exist Between Those Ten-Year Intervals!
This lecture will show the researcher that it is important to identify our ancestors’ whereabouts in as many local records as possible.  A lot can happen in ten years!  If you don’t look harder, you won’t find them. (Beginner to Intermediate)

Michael D. Lacopo -- Using German Church Records
Many of us have German-speaking European ancestors but are afraid to tackle the next step across the Atlantic. Your lecturer will show examples of German church records, how to decipher them and how to overcome the fear of German script. 
(Beginner to Advanced).

Michael D. Lacopo -- Methods for Identify the German Origins of American Immigrants
If all you know from conventional records is “Germany” as a place of origin, then this lecture will help you mine other resources to locate WHERE in Germany your ancestor came from.
(Intermediate to Advanced)

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