Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Conference -- Michael Booth

Michael Booth -- RootsMagic: FamilySearch Made Easy
RootsMagic genealogy software won the FamilySearch award for “Easiest to Sync”. Learn how to use RootsMagic to easily search the FamilySearch Family Tree and to share data and collaborate with others using this tremendous online resource. You’ll also learn how RootsMagic can make you more productive in working with FamilySearch.

Michael Booth -- What’s New in RootsMagic 5
An introduction to RootsMagic 5, the newest version of this award-winning genealogy software. Learn about features like the Timeline view, Research Logs, CountyCheck, and Media tagging. You’ll also learn about the many enhanced sources, mapping tools, to-do lists, and reports. See for yourself why Family Tree Magazine named RootsMagic, “the best all-around genealogy program . . for both casual and serious genealogists.”

Michael Booth -- RootsMagic: Sharing and Publishing Your Family Tree
Don’t keep your family history to yourself. RootsMagic is the award-winning genealogy software that makes family history easy. Learn how to add pictures and media, create beautiful charts and reports, publish complete books, make Shareable CDs and DVDs, and share your research with friends and family.

Michael Booth -- Genealogy on the Go
Whether you are on vacation, visiting family, or just making a trip to the family history center, you often need access to your family history and other files while being away from your computer. Whether
your data is “in the cloud” on in the palm of your hand, we’ll look at a variety of easy options that allow you to work with your important files no matter where you go.
(Beginner to Advanced)

Michael Booth -- Personal Historian 2: New Tools to Write Your Life Stories
Personal Historian 2 is the latest version of the unique software to organize, write, and publish personal histories for yourself and other individuals. It takes this seemingly monumental task and breaks it into small, manageable pieces and then reconstructs it into a complete, publishable document. The included library of timelines and memory triggers give color and context to your writing. You can even add documents, journals, photographs, and genealogy to give it a personal touch.
(Beginner to Advanced)

Michael Booth -- Where in the World? Geography, GPS, and Genealogy
New and friendly mapping technology has literally put the world in the palm of your hand. From computer software to GPS receivers to handheld mobile devices, it's never been easier to pin-point locations
around the globe. Join us as we learn how to use this technology to find, record, and share locations of interest and importance to your family history.
(Beginner to Advanced)

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