Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Conference -- Marlo Schuldt

Marlo Schuldt -- Composing and Printing a Family History
Attend this class if you are planning to write or compile a family history o a journal. Learning a few simple tips can dramatically improve the quality of your book. You will learn how to save time, money and make this an enjoyable adventure.
A few of the topics covered in the class:
·    How and where to get started – make it easy on yourself.
·    Suggested topics for you to share and write about.
·    Adding photos to your book – format and size considerations.
·    Easy ways to flow text around photos..
·    Why you should create a CD/DVD to go with the book.
·    Things to avoid that will help save your sanity!
·    Determining how much it will cost to print your book.
·    Easy ways to get others to help you.
·    Formatting examples and suggestions.
·    Taking your book to the printer do’s and don’ts.
·    Archiving and preservation.
·    Money saving tips.
·    Questions welcome.
Marlo Schuldt -- Heritage Collector Software

Marlo Schuldt -- Converting Old Tape Recordings and Working With Sound
Learn to use FREE software to edit, enhance, preserve and record sound. Enrich Your History With Sound.Adding oral narrative to a slide show or a photo adds interest to family history. Hearing the voices of parents, grandparents, relatives and children will be a real treat for your children and grandchildren while introducing them to their ancestors. Time is running out! Old tapes deteriorate more each day. Tapes wear each time they are played. Tape players jam, damage, and destroy old recordings without warning. Editing, recording and converting old tapes is easier than you think. After this class you will wonder why you were so afraid and waited so long to do something so fun!

Marlo Schuldt -- Using Calendars and Storybooks to Increase Interest and Share Family History
Sometimes it's difficult to get the attention of our children and relatives as we attempt to share family history. Often the problem is “their past history” of trying to plow through many dry pages of dates and names looking for something of interest. Therefore it's not easy for us to convince others that we have some new and interesting things to share with them. We have a fun solution to this problem.
This class will provide you with new ideas and ways to entice your children and relatives to take a look at some of the new things you have created. You will learn how to create interesting family history calendars and storybooks that are enhanced with family photos and oral stories.

Marlo Schuldt -- Smart Phone Family History Class
It's time to start working smarter and not harder with a smart phone!
Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know much about the new phones.This is the time and place to learn. If you are thinking about getting a new phone, this is the class for you.
This class will show you how to get your kids and grandkids to help you with family history while having some fun at the same time. Learn how you can use a tripod and how to get video and audio files from your phone.We have two handouts that will be very helpful for you to study during and after the class.

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