Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Conference -- Karen Clifford

Karen Clifford covers many fantastic topics for our annual Fall Conference.

Karen Clifford -- How to Solve Research Problems
A step-by-step approach to solving research problems of all types and end up with a written summary when done.   
( Beginner to Advanced)

Karen Clifford -- Writing a Good Conclusion Statement
Your family's research may be online because other family members posted it in years past. You know there are errors in the information, but you are not sure how to record positive feed-back at the same time you provide evidence about the facts. Whether you use newFamilySearch,, Reunion, MyTrees, your own personal Web site, or a number of other options, this presentation explains the value of writing conclusion statements and how to easily formulate them. 

Karen Clifford -- Pre-1850 U.S. Research Methodologies
As researchers progress back in time, fewer familiar record sources are found. Former familiar sources also contain less vital data which must be evaluated in different ways, while totally unique sources may be unrecognized if not pointed out in advance.
(Intermediate to Advanced)

Karen Clifford -- Let Technology Get You There Faster
If you have found yourself using the Internet but it doesn't seem to help you find anything more than you found originally, perhaps it is time for specific training in the use of the tools and methods available in 2012 to solve answer your research questions faster.
(Beginner to Intermediate)

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