Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Conference -- Ginny Ackerson

Ginny Ackerson covers topics from British Research to general research techniques. Don't miss it!

Ginny Ackerson -- Back Door and Rear Window Research Techniques
Trying to climb that brick wall or just banging your head against it? Some sneaky but effective research techniques are presented to help you get through your brick walls.

Ginny Ackerson -- Beginning British Parish Records
This is an introductory class to the records kept by the parishes in England. The value of each type of record and where they can be found will be discussed

Ginny Ackerson -- Records Created at Death
Do you think that death certificates and obituaries are the only records created when someone dies? If so, you are in for a treat with the many records that are available to you. You will learn what records exist and how to access them.

Ginny Ackerson -- It’s About Time
Calendars have changed over the years and most of these changes have affected genealogical research. You will learn where, when and why the calendar changes were made and how to compensate for the changes in your research. Double dating, calculating feast days and liturgical holidays, calculating birth dates from death records and changing dates between calendars will be discussed.

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