Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Conference -- Devin Ashby

Devin Ashby will give us a great overview of all of the indexing projects and who they are coming along.

Devin Ashby -- Indexing and Publishing the World’s Record
Last year at this time FamilySearch, with partners and, began a joint effort to recruit a volunteer workforce that could index the 1940 US Federal Census in six months. No one knew it could be done and some were outright naysayers, but the genealogical community did it anyway. The largest volunteer transcription crowd sourcing project in history will soon be complete, and when it is, it will call for both a celebration and a question: “What else can the genealogical community accomplish if we work together?” 1940 was just a sample of what is possible. Come and see the statistics. Come and see where we are headed next. Come and see how FamilySearch indexing can provide a way to keep the momentum going.

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