Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Conference -- Carol Rice

Come learn to tell your family's story with Carol Rice!

Carol Rice -- Getting Started:  Writing a Micro-Story (in class exercise)
A brief hands-on exercise to help participants begin forming a narrative about themselves or a family member. (Beginner to Advanced)

Carol Rice -- Basic Elements and Tips for Creating an Engaging Family History Story
With a sample story written, we will discuss very simple ways to compose a family history story in a way that will be engaging to a majority of readers/listeners.  We will discuss:
            • Finding a theme
            • Gathering Information
            • Sifting the wheat from the chaff
            • Polish
            • Publish (online, in print, video, etc.) 

Carol Rice -- Simple Ways to Use Storytelling With Your Family
We will discuss a variety of ways to incorporate and share stories with family members, whether they are together in a home or extended family members. (Beginner to Advanced)

Carol Rice -- A Few Reasons Why Storytelling Captures Everyone's Attention (Beginner to Advanced)

We will discuss the science of story, how our brains are wired to process important information           through a story narrative.  How narrative captures attention and helps the listener/reader more fully retain the information shared. (Beginner to Advanced)

Carol Rice -- Publishing Workshop
Your stories and history are ready to go.  Before you hire an expensive designer or wade through hours of formatting your book, come learn how easy it is to publish your own book.  This workshop will feature the Cherish|Bound on-line book tool and walk you through every step of publishing your stories. (Beginner to Advanced)

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