Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Conference -- Bud Wood

Bud Wood will be presenting some fantastic classes on Ancestral Quest. Come check them out! Register at

Bud Wood -- Ancestral Quest Basics - Parts  1 & 2

A hands-on lab to learn the following:
Downloading software and installing it on your computer
Local Database file – what it is; where to put it
Inputting the first person
Explanations of data fields and their associated formats
Pedigree Screen
Family Screen
Linking my local database file with FamilySearch
      Linking me
      Link and Sync
      Using FamilySearch to add names to the local file
      Selectively import information from FamilySearch
      Sharing information in my local file with FamilySearch

Relationship types
Entering additional names into my local database file
Setting Preferences in Ancestral Quest
    General Tab
    Database Tab
    Prepared by Tab
    Fonts Tab
    Files and Folders Tab
    FamilySearch Tab
    Info Box
Working with the Name List
Working with the Individual Screen

Bud Wood -- Ancestral Quest Tips and Tricks

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